Carlos Rigau   Phone 646 545 8922  email carlosrigau@gmail.com  



             2009 MFA, Hunter Collage, New York , N.Y.

             2002 BFA  Florida International University, Miami, FL



Selected Exhibitions



         Anomie: Fractured Art Norms  Dowed Gallery, Cortland  NY

        Cintas Fellowship  Freedom Tower, Miami Fl

        Leather   Thomas Erben NY, NY


        By Design Locust Projcts, {projects space solo} Miami Fl

        Plastic Ruins LMAK projects {Solo show} NY, NY


        Store Front  Organized by Ibett Yanez and Tiffany Chestler, Miami Fl

         Funded by the de la Cruz collection and DACRA.

        Magnetic Poetry  {Solo Show} Dorsch Gallery , Miami Fl.


         Open    David Castillo Gallery,  Miami Fl.

         Liquid Matter  { co-curated exhibition with Ibett Yanez }

         At the Fabric workshop in conjunction with

         the de la Cruz collection Philadelphia  PA

         Fighting Dancing Kissing  {curatorial intervention}

         Fabric workshop in conjunction with the de la Cruz collection  

          Philadelphia,  PA

         Friends don’t have sleepovers  {Solo Show} LMAK projects




         Fighting Dancing Kissing  {curatorial intervention}

          de la CRUZ collection, Miami Fl

          The Funny guy that StickS his hand in the paInt BuCKet

           Dimensions Variable , Miami Fl

          Bubble Raft  Dorsch Gallery, Miami FL

           ELSE    Tilton Gallery, New York,  N.Y.


         Miami MediaMesh at the American Airlines Arena  Miami, FL

           F(r)acture: divisions in painting     Dorsch Gallery, Miami, FL

          Until my darkness goes…    LMAK projects   New York, NY

          Radiant Decay Curated by Meghan Carleton Warburg                  

         New York , N.Y

           Our Great Show  Nice and Fit Gallery Berlin, Germany



         Optic Nerve X Museum of Contemporary Art, Juried by

         Ruba Katrib, Miami, Fl  

          Body Works  Shane Campbell Gallery  Chicago ILL



         Space Command Tachmes Gallery  Miami  FL


          Kakamori Tachmes Gallery.  North Miami,FL


           Eau De Artiste-“Synchronize” (MSG Collaboration),

           Solo Exhibition, Leonard Tachmes Gallery, North Miami, FL


         Plugged In: New and Electronic art (MSG collaboration)

            Curated by Samantha Salzinger Hollywood Art and Cultural Center,                        

            Hollywood, FL

          Jam at MAM Miami Art Museum  Miami,Fl