Dance of the Designer Refugee

“The Dance of the Designer Refugee.” 

Its bright, so bright you cant see. Its loud. The nonstop Ocean waves make it harder to focus than a car traffic jam. Sand is blasting into your ears and eyelids. You can hardly make out the refuge running ashore. He and or she is holding a dog. Is it real? Is it a living commercial for sunscreen? All that can be recognized, designer bathing suits, a raft and a dog. Any given moment on the beach is a place for this action. A refuge can, always interrupt leisure expectations.  There will be a re enactment of this possibility. 

What: A small handmade Raft arrives on the shore of south beach. Its garnished with “designer” items. A small sign on the beach stating the aforementioned poem. When: On Dec. 2 at 3:oopm Dec. 3rd at 2:00 pm Dec. 4th at 3:00 pm