Endless Everglades

Endless Everglades is an idea brand, modeled after We Work spaces. We work is a rental business that caters to co working clients. We Work clients desire affordable spaces to work in within an urban setting. Endless Everglades is marketing toward similar creative clients. Our pitch is, the “guilt” of living and working in the urban setting has worn on creatives. Additionally, the income one must earn to live in a urban setting is not sustainable. The city has its advantages. Proximity to vendors and like minded people is primarily the attraction. In the near future vendors will be able to offer drone deliveries to anywhere at any time. Also in this near future, people’s relationship to communicating through a device will be more effective than IRL communicating.  Why would a creative stay in a urban setting, paying maximum price for the smallest amount of space while simultaneously displacing the historically disenfranchised. There is a better way. Endless Everglades